Rosehips Kween Kontest

RoseHips Kween Hints and Tips 

Criteria: Entrants must be human or a reasonable facsimile (DNA sample may be required) and at least 21 years old ~ or we can't let you into the dance.

Fill out the Rosehip Kween Kontest Form and mail in to PO Box 451 Port Townsend, WA 98368. You will need to attend the Rosehip Kween Koronation and Kostume Ball (Saturday night, at the American Legion Hall) Pageant begins at 9 pm.  During the pageant you must:

*Tell one joke     *Share a recipe     *Demonstrate a talent or skill

Be Prepared !  Reflect Kinetic Spirit and keep it short! Bribes are essential. Lunacy is helpful. Remember mediocrity rules. Judges choose three finalists, then THE CROWD'S volume of cheering will decide the winner.

Should you be chosen Kween or Princess, you must:

Show up for the race on Sunday and act regal at all times. Please also be available for various parades, functions, and festivities such as:

*Port Townsend Rhody Parade ( in May )

*Uptown Street Fair ( in August )

*Next year's Rosehip Ball ( in Oct. )

And any other event you feel inspired to appear at.

YES, your "rain" extends until the next Rosehip Ball. Your Kweenly benefits include a Krown, a throne, and a new reputation. Your costume and attitude will be become the new outrage! Hundreds of weird people will bow to you with the Kinetic Chicken salute. There will be an "un-chickenly" number of photo-ops in strange places, so comb your hair and afix your krown.

This is your chance for GLORY!

Rosehips Kweens in Hysterical Order!

2019 and 2020 Kween Pearlificient - Rachel Cervantes

2018 Kween Rudiculious - Carmen Bitzer

2017 Kween Quaser - Mallory Langer
2016 Kween Funster - Lisa Doray
2015 Anami Kwee Honey Bee
2014 Xoe Goddess of the Night
2013 Kween Veronica Park-in-the-way
2012 Kween Winter Solstice - Seleena Espinosa
2011 Kween Peashooter - Cleare Shields
2010 Kween Bozette, Amber Bartle
2009 Glitter Bug, Suzanne
2008 Bubblicious, Rikki Bedford
2007 Sparkle, Kris Nelson
2006 Norma Jean, Willow Wood
2005 Kelly Bell
2004 Hoola Loola, Suzy Ohlson
2003 Summer
2002 Ivy and Green Goddess, Seleena Espinosa
2001 Kweenie Jeanie, Jeanne Moore
2000 Isabella Du Chevalier Valerie Bleu
1999 Velveeta, Brook Anderson
1998 Muffy Lewdinsky, Phil Specer
1997 Arty Miss, Katy Morse
1996 2 Lou la Touch'e me, Marlys Violette
1995 Priscilla Queen of Denial, Vanessa McGrady
1994 Purple Goddess of Love, Janet Emery
1993 Kween Mother - Joan from Salt Springs Island, Canada
1992 Heidi
1991 Dia Fram, Cathy Burrows
1990 Manressa Mama, Lynn Hersey
1989 Ms.Energy, Wendy Stemshein
1988 True Blue, Trudie
1987 PT Mary
1986 Walter Ego III, Ruth McCreery
1985 Spike, Colleen Freemen
1984 Lynn Morrow
1983 Gunhilda, Tora Hutchinson