The Great Port Townsend Bay Kinetic Kourse

2021 Course

The Kinetic Kourse will take you all the way around spectacular Port Townsend, including along the water front, out to Fort Worden, to the Fairgrounds and back along downtown. While you're huffing and puffing your way up and down our many, MANY hills take a moment to admire some of our beautiful Victorian houses. The Kourse is split into two days; day one is the Glorious Parade and Water Kourse, while day two includes the Road, Sand, and Mud Kourse.

Saturday Kourse Details

Day One begins bright and early (11 a.m. or so) and includes the Glorious Parade full of Glorious Spectators, the Brake & Safety Tests, and the Water Kourse.

  • Gather at the U.S. Bank parking lot by 11 a.m. Enjoy the music and Glorious Spectators who will undoubtedly want their picture taken with you.
  • Racer's Meeting will begin at 11:15ish where you will be introduced to the PT Kinetic Konsortium and this years Kinetic Judges. We will also go over the Kourse including any last minute changes. Please pay attention, we don't want any of you getting lost out there!
  • The Glorious Parade starts at 12pm (ish) and proceeds down Water Street to the Port Townsend American Legion Hall.
  • Proceed immediately up Monroe to the Turn Around point at Monroe & Lawrence. You will line up here and wait for your chance to test your Brakes. This is a steep hill, full of spectators, and we don't want anyone to get hurt so please make sure you do INDEED have brakes :)
  • After you've successfully made your stop, continue on for your Safety inspection. Our Kourse Kommisioner will check to make sure you've got all your safety gear and goodies. Make sure to bribe him well.  The engineering judges will also be at this stop.
  • When you've been passed by the Kommisioner, proceed to Judges to be judged by Art and Pagentry.
  • Proceed to Water Street and line up facing Point Hudson for the LeMans start.
  • Race starts after all teams have passed inspection and are ready to race.  
  • Head down Water street for one loop through Point Hudson and then down to the Salmon Club Parking lot. IMPORTANT: you will be timed when you enter the parking lot until you let one of our Time Keepers (look for the Orange shirts) know you are ready for the Water Kourse.
  • If we stage you at the Water Kourse while you wait for another machine, your time begins when you hit the Water.
  • Proceed on across the water front to the Union Wharf Dock. Make sure to get your Token and head back to the Salmon Club.
  • Exit the water where you entered, clean and convert your machine for road. You are still on the clock.
  • When you're ready once around Point Hudson again and down to the Finish Line for day one!
  • You made it through Day One! 

  • There will be overnight parking for machines available at the Salmon Club Parking lot.

Sunday Kourse Details

Day Two begins at Low Noon and will take you all the way around our wonderful town. There are many sites to see and you'll surely want to stop for many photo opportunities, but remember you are racing :)

  • Machines should be lined up along Water Street across from the stage.
  • The Krooning begins at 10:30ish where you'll get the change to sing your heart out to our Glorious Spectators.
  • The Sobriety Test will begin shortly before noon. If you've thoroughly enjoyed the Rosehips Queen Ball (as you should have) this may present a bit of a challenge.
  • The Race begins at Low Noon.
  • Up Monroe and then Up Lawrence. Pit Crew, this is a good spot to get your hard working Pilots a bit of refreshment. There will also be Glorious Spectators to wave to as you race by.
  • Follow Tyler to F St and don't miss your turn at Fir St. You don't want to end up at the bottom of that hill.
  • Turn on to P St and UP up UP you go to Walnut.
  • You'll surely be tempted to let your machine race down Walnut St; please be careful, there are numerous side street and sometimes (GASP!) not everyone knows the race is happening.
  • Enter Fort Worden at the top gate and enjoy the long downhill to the Sand Course.
  • You will still be on the clock until you let one of our Time Keepers know you are ready for the Sand.
  • Your time will begin again when you enter the Sand Kourse. The Sand Kourse can often change a little each year so please ask if you need clarification. You are still on the clock when you leave the Sand, all the way to the Mud Kourse.
  • Leaving the Sand you'll go out to the Point Wilson Lighthouse and back. This area is undoubedly the best place for a photo op.
  • Exit Fort Worden through the West gate onto Admiralty Ave.
  • Proceed to the Jefferson County Fairgrounds through the East Gate. Please pay close attention to the Officer at the corner of San Juan Ave & Admiralty Ave, he/she is there to make sure you cross safely.
  • At the Fairgrounds head to the Obstacle Kourse. Your time ends when you're ready to go through the Kourse, please let one of our Time Keepers know when you're ready.
  • We will stage folks at the Obstacle Kourse so we can put on a good show for the Glorious Spectators. Your time will begin again when you enter the Kourse.
  • When you've left the Kourse make sure to clean your machine and keep the bog in the bog, (yes, there will be SOME mud) not in the streets. You are still on the clock while you're cleaning and converting over for road. Please let a time keeper know when you're finished.
  • We will stage here for the last machine to make through the Obstacle Kourse.
  • Leave the Fairgrounds from the same gate and head along San Juan.
  • Enjoy our Roller Coaster Hills along San Juan all the way to 19th Street. Mind the Officer
  • Turn LEFT on 19th (turns into Blaine) continue to Walker, take a RIGHT.
  • Continue to Lawrence, take a LEFT
  • Follow past Aldrich Grocery to Monroe, take a RIGHT
  • You'll Race down Monroe Street to the finish line in front of the American Legion. Please stay to the right except to pass!!
  • Hurray You've Finished the Race!!

  • Bask in the Glory!!!
  • Racer's Dinner & Award Ceremony.

The Kourse Map & Notes will be in your Racer's Packet on the back of your Racer Number. 


PO Box 451
Port Townsend, WA 98368