2022 Annual ART Kontest and Parade

2020 Adult - Most Creative

If you’ve always wanted to express yourself creatively with moveable art… now’s your chance!  Join Kinetics this year, Saturday, October 1stnd, 2022 for its “Wanna-be” parade by entering the ART Kontest and parade.  Entries can be marching or dancing groups, large or small floats, wearable art, puppets and…well, anything you can imagine and create!

There will be 2 categories, Adult and Child with 2 awards in each:  Most Kreative (Best Art) and Most Kinetically Inclined.  (Best use of kinetically moving parts.)

The rules are simple:
1. Art must be propelled down the street by people, battery or element power only.  No gas motors.  You only have to make it 6 blocks!
2. Art must be an original creation and build. 
3. No political candidates or commercial marketing entries.
4. Nothing of discriminating or offensive nature.  Be inclusive!
5. No distributing of flyers or leaflets.  Keep our streets clean!

Entry forms are accepted by email to info@ptkineticrace.org now and until Saturday, October 1st at 10 am.

ART judging and parade line up is at the US Bank parking lot on Saturday, October 1st from 10 am on.  Parade starts at 12 noon.  Its route is down Water Street ending at the Pope Marine Park on Madison and Water Streets.

Floats and entries can be displayed at the Pope Marine Park on the patio bricks between the Pope and Cotton building for the weekend but must be picked up by 6 pm, Sunday night. Winners will be announced at 3 pm on Saturday during the float portion of the Kinetic Race on stage in front of the Legion Hall.

For more information, call Head Judge, Marilyn at 360-774-0083 or email: info@ptkineticrace.org

2020 Child Most Kinetic